Conference Calls in English

A Conference Call in English is always a challenge! To become more effective, it is necessary to master different forms for Conf Calls: Cross functional Conf Calls; Urgent problem resolution Conf Calls; Project Status Conf Calls, etc.

This course will give you what you need to improve your participation in Conf Calls and give you the chance to practice during conference call simulations.
For function or operation managers, line managers or project managers who must chair Conf Calls in English; this course will allow you to practise and improve your current skills.
Objectives: Learn the methods, Anticipate difficult situations, chair Conf Calls with confidence in English. No need to leave your office. The participants call into a Conf Call number at a pre-arranged time where the Atribord trainer will facilitate the simulation a Conf Call remotely.
A realistic training based on real situations.
Personalized: Personalised advice will be given at the end of each session.
Groups organised from within the same company by language level. Maximum 4 participants.

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